¿Qué incluyen nuestros Tours?

Professional Segway Guide

Ensegway is a synonym of safety and trustability, that’s why our Segway Tours are always monitorized and control by a expert segway monitor, they are well prepare in the art of driving a segway and also educated in all the cultural and historical information about the sites.

Free Lockers

Our free locker service is a special service that Ensegway provides only for the clients of Segway Tour, Bike Tour and Walking tour among the many other broad range of tour services. We specially create this services for your convenience and comfort

Safety Gear

In Ensegway we provide only the best safety gear for our clients and guides. We also count with the Segway Official Tour certification given by the Segway Company. Our machines and bicycles are always updated to the newest safety policies and also in continuous safety tests.

Previous Training

Before each tour our guides will teach the users of how to use the segway


We count with insurance in case of accident for our clients

All that you need to know

All our tours are guided by professional segway guides that are in charge of the safety of the tour.

Guides make an initial and individual previous train where they explain how the Segway works, the route and the safety rules.

Our groups are always personalized so you can enjoy the experience in a more comfortable way, there will be a guide for each 10 people group so everybody can be safe and controlled.
All our tours are preset for safety reasons, they can change only for weather reasons, or any other overwhelming force that provokes the modification of the route.
We provide to all our clients the necessary safety gear, helmets and vests for maximum safety. Both of them guaranteed maximum visibility so cars and others can notice you on the segway. Our guides will allways bring a first aid kit with them.
Our segways have a maximum speed of 6km/h, which is the same speed that the pedestrians usually walk on.
Ensegway has different types of insurance plans. Don't worry about anything, just focus on the road and have fun!
Enjoy and learn while spending time in good company. You won't be disappointed!

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 © Segway Tours Ensegway. All rights reserved.