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Segway Tours

We offer guided Segway Tours that take place in urban and natural settings, each chosen for its cultural or environmental interest. Our tours are intended to complement the best of the area’s existing tourism and leisure, by featuring activities that are environmentally-friendly, great value, bespoke and sustainable.

We make the most of the enormous natural, cultural and historic potential available, combining this with new technology to meet the wants and interests of our clients, offering this from a fun, different and innovative perspective.

Personalized Tours

We’ll look into any proposal that you put forward. We can create the tour that you want, in the setting you choose, with a duration that best suits you. We’re able to combine this with other activities, museums, shows, tapas tours and more!

Group Tours

Whether you’re a group of friends or colleagues, we can organize a Segway Tour for you! In cities like Cartagena, Cádiz or Malaga, we organise Segway Tours for cruises, making sure that anyone who visits us for the first time leaves with an unforgettable memory.


We provide Segways for use at trade fairs, conferences and exhibitions, either for transporting materials, or for staff and event organizers to get around.

All of our equipment can be personalized and adapted with the image you want to convey.

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 © ECONATOURALWAY SLNE. All rights reserved.