How segways work

The Segway

Natural and intuitive like any other

Segway is  the first company in the market that specialized in transportation over a self-balanced electric device with more than 10 years of experience in the spanish market, giving you reliability and confidence about the product.

Segway  works just like the human body: when we walk  we balance to the front and then we take a step, gaining the balance with this continuous action. If we lean back we give  step backwards to find balance.With the Segway you lean to the front or to the back and the machine moves it wheels to find the center of gravity and balance, just like the human body. This technology is register under the name of “dynamic stability”. You can move to the front and back, and do 360° turns in a very simple move, enjoying the experience of a Segway is very simple and fun. For all of this Segway is a intuitive and natural  machine to use

Safety Rules

The first of all

One of the many aspects that distinguish our  Segway Tours are without a doubt the safety regulations that we use. We always take care first of the safety of the participants and the pedestrians, then we focus in the entertainment and culture. Segway is for ages from 8 to 100! so it is very safe for all ages, specially for people with mobility problems, it helps them to enjoy tours around big cities without trouble.


• Everybody must obey the monitor, and by all time you must follow the line.

• Everybody must keep their distance between other users and any object in the street.

• To get up and down of the Segway the vehicle must be stopped, and the monitor have to help you, and it always  have to be mounted by the posterior area.

Learn how to use a Segway

All that you need to know

All our tours are guided by professional segway guides that are in charge of the safety of the tour.

Guides make an initial and individual previous train where they explain how the Segway works, the route and the safety rules.

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 © ECONATOURALWAY SLNE. All rights reserved.

 © ECONATOURALWAY SLNE. All rights reserved.