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¿What is Ensegway?

Ensegway belongs to Natoural Group, a holding that involves several companies with a lot of creativity and ideas that combine technology and services, directed to many different types of customers. We have more than 10 years of experience in the advertisement, software development and tourism area, using always the newest type of technology.

The Ensegway brand was born 4 years ago with the idea of providing a service of guided tours using the Segway ​technology, allowing the tourists to cover large distances with the minimum effort and also with the plus of discovering the history of culture of each site thanks to a prepared guide

Our objective is your entertainment

In 2017 we wanted to try new types of tours focussing in your needs and entertainment, and thats how the Bike Tour and the Walking Tour is born, both dedicated and thought for the client comfort and budget. Right now Ensegway ​counts with a local store in the 8 biggest cities of the south of Spain: Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Granada, Cadiz, Murcia, Cartagena and Palma de Mallorca

Ensegway does not stops, we are always innovating for you and your pleasure. Right now we are expanding and opening new stores in all Spain.

Our values

Tours all over the year

Segway Tours, Bike Tours and Walking Tours are always availables for our clients

Ecological and sustainable

Ensegway takes very seriously the climate change, and thats why we bet for eco-friendly

Walking Tours with official guides

Our tours are always accompanied with an official Segway guide

Tripadvisor excellence certification

With count with the best certificate of touristic reviews: The Tripadvisor certification. We
assure you an incredible experience.

Best price guaranteed

Ensegway offers you the best price in the market.

Number 1 Segway Tour in Spain

The segway company with most number of stores, equipment and clients of Spain.

Good quality gear

We count with the best equipment for all our tours.

Different languages

We have many different language options for our clients. Don't hesitate to ask us if your
language is available.

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 © ECONATOURALWAY SLNE. All rights reserved.