Visit the city center on a Segway

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7 cities and only one company to choose: Ensegway!












Palma of Mallorca







All this cities are ready to receive you. Now we will show you different pictures with an small description of the city center for you to observe the beauty of these places.

  • Madrid


The capital of Spain is a must seen place for all the travelers. The city center of Madrid is beautiful but even more if you watch it on a Segway. 



The best city center tour with a segway. Ensegway.


  • Seville


Seville is another city with a beautiful city center,  from old cathedrals to great bridges… Seville is beautiful, the capital of Andalusia. The city center is one of the most famous in Spain and of course you can visit it with a segway tour.





What to do in Palma of Mallorca?

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Palma of Mallorca… A beautiful place isn’t it?

If you haven’t been there you have to book a flight right now! We will tell you what to do in this beautiful city. 

All depends of the weather at the moment of your trip. I will give you a list of things to do if you go in winter and summer. So… Are you ready to read the best travel guide in the whole internet?!


Winter ♦



During the winter in Palma of Mallorca we recommend you to do a SEGWAY TOUR! Yes, you read it right!


  1. A Segway tour  with the cold weather might seem crazy but actually is a great idea, you don’t have to walk  around the city and you can enjoy the explanation of the guide at the same time that you enjoy a ride on  segway.
  2. Fast way to get from one point to another is by using the segway, is faster than a bike and more fun.
  3. What other thing can we do in Palma of Mallorca during winter? Of course! in-house activities, like a museum, tour inside the cathedral, etc.


Summer ♣

During the summer the real beauty of ths city comes out. These are the 3 things to do during the summer in Palma of Mallorca.


  1. Take a swim in the beautiful beaches of Palma of Mallorca. 
  2. TAKE A TOUR ON SEGWAY! Oh yeah… the same as winter… you can take tours on segway in both seasons!









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