10 tips to become a successful Youtuber using a Segway

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10 tips to become an successful Youtuber using a Segway




Are you thinking of becoming a successful Youtuber?, we are going to give you a wonderful idea so you can be different from the rest! , the plan its simple, do videos with a Segway and share it through youtube, i know it sounds crazy but now we’ll tell you 10 tips to do it and become successful in Youtube.


1st tip: Think about the type of videos that you want to create, something like interviews or street art/ music, are good themes to do in the street using the Segway.


2nd tip: Find a camera that doesn’t bother when you drive through the city, i recommend you a GoPro or any camera that you can use without hands.

3th tip: Go out with a script, or at least some notes of what are you going to say, also the places that you want to go. Improvisation is good but dont abuse of it. Be always prepare!


4th tip: Find yourself a Segway, nowadays there’s a lot of companies that provide segways for rent at a really good price, for example Ensegway. A segway is a great tool for moving around the city and also calls the attention of the people.


5th tip: Be original and try to create different content for your audience, also find key partners to associate with.


6th tip: Focus in the trending topics of these days: Internet, climate change, clean energy, etc.


7th tip: Find someone who do something similar to you and try to learn from him.


8th tip: Get up from your bed! Start producing money, find other type of ways of earning money through your channel.


9th tip: Don’t be afraid, everybody started from the bottom, just start and continue to do it if it’s your passion.


10th tip: Get advantage of this new technology, Segways are a great way to get involve to your surroundings in a modern and clean way.

And finally…


These has been the 10 tips to become an successful Youtuber using a Segway, did you like this post? Tell us if you do! and also give us your feedback with ideas and thoughts to improve this guide.